The Mt. Thomas Action Fund


The Mt. Thomas Action Fund was established in 2014 by The Clinton Family Fund. The purpose of the Mt. Thomas Action Fund is to provide financial support for Gilpin County youth (ages 3-18). The Fund is designed to support families who need financial assistance in many ways to ensure all children in our county have the resources they need to fully participate in school.

Examples of how the Fund can support your family, might include the purchase of athletic gear or uniforms; medical expenses, or school supplies.

Applications deadlines include: Feb. 26th, May 25th, Aug. 26th, and Nov. 28th 

Applications received after one of these deadlines will not be considered until the next Board Meeting.

Mt. Thomas Action Fund Requests are only accepted through our online Google Application. Please click the link here: MTAF Application and submit your application before one of the deadlines listed above. All requests will be kept completely confidential.

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